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Tuesday, January 8th 2008

8:24 PM (4755 days, 19h, 4min ago)

A dose of idealism tempered with realism

Change is the operative word of the day.
Indeed friends, indeed we need change.
But I am not yet convinced that Obama is the viable agent for it. He is charming and talks the talk, and perhaps somewhere in his files he has a marvelously prepared, step-by-step agenda about how he is going to help fix our floundering economy (the sinking stock market, the incredibly steep decline of the American dollar vs other currencies, the stupendous rate at which our jobs are outsourced to the far reaches of the globe--hey, by the way, outsourcing might soon stop, for what with the disappearance of labor unions and countless steady jobs, we'll all work for such low wages that outsourcing becomes expensive), well, to make a long story short, Obama might just have the roadmap to our deliverance, also how to get us out of Iraq without leaving a horrific civil war in our wake as the tribal heads and the Sunnis and the Shiites go on a rampage  to amass power, also, surely Obama has a plan to kiss and make up with Al-Qaida and Hezbollah, also nicely convince Iran to refrain from nuking Israel or God forbid, us, also bring peace to Pakistan, prosperity to Afghanistan so they stop growing poppies and grow grain instead....
Ahhhh, be still my heart!
But yes, somewhere, indeed somewhere, there is Obama's wondrous plan to make America great again! And fix the borders and beef up the inspection of imported goods that are so easily dancing flooding our markets and poisoning us with lead and such, oh, yes if only Obama would not keep his cure-all plan such a secret from us...
I am a journalist and novelist, an American who's lived in Europe and the Middle East, I am a registered Independent, and I support Hillary Clinton. I confess that I somewhat identify with her, we are about the same age, so, call us old bats, we are Scorpios -- hey, Scorpio is the Phoenix, the bird that rises from the ashes ) --, but also, I am a once-upon-a-time starry-eyed idealist, whose naivete is now tempered with hard-nosed realism. Realism brought by hands-on experience earned through trials and tribulations by fire. At the very least, Hillary is a realist and sure has experience.
Is she the cure-all person? No. Our situation is too complex. Our problems severe.
But she has the knowledge and experience to give it a shot. I did consider McCain. Am still considering him. He is a bonafide hero and has accomplished a lot. Though there are a few things we differ on. Mitt Romney and Huckabee and let's not forget Guliani, are all candidates with a rucksack full of experience. Also, let's not forget Bloomberg, the New Yorker, rumored that he may or may not, join the frey. I hear he has whipped New York into shape. Might this not be a good credential for a President?
But I still am hooked on Hillary.
True, I consider her a two-fer, as in Bill and Hill. Also, she sure is a tough woman, and I don't give a flying figleaf that she is not as cute as Obama.
I respect her for her mature age, her knowledge of the issues on hand, and I feel proud that after a Q & A session in New Hampshire, she had the grace to shed a few tears.
Yet, to be honest, I gotta admit she seems to be going down. I watched many a political commentary about her in the aftermath of Iowa, and all I heard was an army of pundits who are almost giddy as they race with each other to hasten her demise.
My pendulum predicts that Obama will be the next President of the United States of America.
We are in God's hands. Let's pray that Obama will walk the walk. Hope Springs Eternal in the Human Breast.
If I could run into Hillary Clinton on the street, I'd grasp her by the hand and cry: "You are a woman, let them hear you ROAR!"

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